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Kinesio tape Pharmacels, KINETICLINE tape  

KINETICLINE Tape. REF# 18031-18034.
KINETICLINE tape is an elastic cotton tape for kinesiology taping with an acrylic glue layer applied in a wave pattern. As a physiotherapeutic agent the tape is effective due to its specific configuration of the adhesive layer. Learn more >>

Masters Tape, Pharmacels, Adhesive athletic tape

MASTERS™ Tape. REF# 21045, 21049-21051.
It is an adhesive sports tape made of 100% cotton backcloth and a strong zinc oxide adhesive material. This professional grade tape is the basic trainer's tape in Pharmacels rigid sports tapes range. Learn more >>

Masters PRO Tape, Pharmacels, Porous athletic tape

MASTERS™ PRO Tape. REF# 21064-21068.
Premium quality porous adhesive trainer's tape for professional use. 100% cotton, adhesive contains zinc oxide. Calibrated uniform unwind to the core, easy tear by hand. Learn more >>

Masters Tape Colored, Pharmacels, Colored athletic tape  

MASTERS™ Tape Colored. REF# 21041-21046, 21085-21088.
It is an adhesive sports tape made of 100% cotton backcloth and a strong zinc oxide adhesive material. The wide range of colors may allow you to create bandages of your team colors. Learn more >>

EUROLINE EXTRA Tape, Pharmacels, Poly Cotton athletic tape  

EUROLINE EXTRA Tape. REF# 22015-22017.
High quality rigid sports tape with extra strong adhesive. The tape features superior tackiness and high durability. Learn more >>

EUROLINE Tape, Pharmacels, Athletic tape

EUROLINE Tape. REF# 22059-22061.
High quality rigid adhesive sports tape. The tape is durable and features effortless calibrated unwind. Learn more >>

Tear-Lastic Tape, Pharmacels, Elastic athletic tape  

TEAR-LASTIC™ Tape. REF# 14070-14072, 14080-14082.
Lightweight breathable adhesive elastic sports tape. Excellent adhesiveness; the glue contains zinc oxide. It is comfortable and latex free. Learn more >>

Pro-Lastic Tape, Pharmacels, Elastic adhesive tape

PRO-LASTIC Tape. REF# 12074-12076.
Lightweight adhesive elastic tape. Smooth, soft and breathable. Latex free, contains zinc oxide. Features excellent adhesiveness, provides gentle compression. Learn more >>

Stadius Tape, Pharmacels, Versatile elastic sports tape, Spatting tape

STADIUS™ Tape. REF# 23055-23058.
Versatile adhesive elastic tape. Smooth, soft and breathable. Latex free, contains zinc oxide. Easy to self-apply. Ideal for spatting. Learn more >>

Stretch Pro Tape, Pharmacels, Elastic sports tape

STRETCH PRO Tape. REF# 13026-13028.
The tape is made of heavyweight stretchy 100% cotton material with latex-free adhesive. Stretch Pro tape is great for soft tissue support and compression, for joints strapping and fixation. Learn more >>

Stretch Tape, Pharmacels, Elastic athletic tape

STRETCH Tape. REF# 15011-15012.
It is a durable stretchy tape made of 100% cotton. The tape may be used for areas that are usually difficult to tape. It is very soft thus provides a gentle compression. The tape has an auxiliary red center guideline. It is easy to tear and remove. Learn more >>

Stretch Tape, Pharmacels, Elastic athletic tape

CO-STICK® Tape. REF# 15122-15123.
It is an elastic cohesive (self-adhesive) tape. It does not adhere to skin or hair. Co-Stick tape has many uses both in sports and medicine: as an elastic sports tape, as a pretaping wrap, as a compression bandage to stop bleeding, etc. Learn more >>

Tapes Retail Package, Pharmacels, Versatile adhesive sports tape  

RETAIL Package. Pharmacels sports tapes are also available in retail package. Bright and colorful - retail package attracts attention in stores. Secure and convenient - plastic clamshell protects a roll of tape and preserves its qualities for a long time. Learn more >>

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