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   KINETICLINE tape Pharmacels KINETICLINE tape is an elastic cotton tape for kinesiology taping with a glue layer applied in a wave pattern. As a physiotherapeutic agent the tape is effective due to its specific configuration of the adhesive layer. The use of the product leads to significant improvement of capillary and lymphatic flows in the particular body area.

In its elastic qualities KINETICLINE tape is close to normal human skin elasticity, therefore, it does not restrict body movements. The material of the tape is soft and breathable and the product can be worn for 2-3 days. Convenient and well-thought marking on the back protective paper helps to cut required size piece of the tape.

The product is moisture-resistant. It adheres well and keeps “working” even when soaked. The packing protects the roll from the environmental impact and is convenient to use.

KINETICLINE tape Pharmacels

REF # 18039 18031 18032 18033 18034
Color beige blackpinkblue
Width (in) 2"
Length (yd) 4.4 5.5
Rolls/case 4

REF # 18131 18132 18133 18134
Color beigeblackpinkblue
Width (in) 2"
Length (yd) 34.5
Rolls/case 1

Recommendations for use: KINETICLINE tape is particularly useful in cases of muscle pain and soreness. It can be used to assist in treatment of muscle and ligament injuries, in rehabilitation and injuries prevention by giving support and increasing elasticity of muscles.

To produce KINETICLINE tape high-technology hypoallergenic glue is used, nevertheless it is recommended to identify skin sensitivity to the tape. For this it is necessary to attach a small piece of tape to the skin. If rash appears stop using the product and consult a doctor.

Caution: KINETICLINE tape should not be applied on damaged skin areas and open wounds. In case you experience any allergic reaction or pain, stop using the tape and consult a doctor. In case of serious traumas and cryptogenic pain as well as in case you are not sure if you need this product and how to use it correctly, consult a doctor before using the product.

KINETICLINE tape is most effective when applied correctly. For general idea please look through the main rules of tape application:

KINETICLINE tape Pharmacels KINETICLINE tape Pharmacels KINETICLINE tape Pharmacels KINETICLINE tape Pharmacels

KINETICLINE tape Pharmacels
1. It is necessary to prepare the skin before applying the tape. Wash and wipe dry the skin area where the tape will be applied. It is recommended to remove hair from the skin before tape application.

2. Prepare and cut a piece of tape of required width and length. Use the marking on the back of the tape for convenience.

KINETICLINE tape Pharmacels
3. After cutting a piece of tape of needed length round all corners as it is shown in the picture. This way the bandage will serve longer.

4. Put the body part to be taped into correct position.

KINETICLINE tape Pharmacels 5. Tear a small piece of paper and remove it from the first inch of bandage (it will be 'anchor'). Attach the beginning of the bandage to the skin securely, without stretch. This way the bandage will hold up longer.

6. Do not remove whole paper at once. It will make tape application more difficult.

7. Move on applying the tape with desired stretch and simultaneously removing the paper. KINETICLINE tape Pharmacels

8. Note that the last 1-1½ inches of bandage ('anchor') should be applied without stretch for more secure tape attachment.

9. Carefully press the tape for better fixation.

KINETICLINE tape can be easily cut by using special Pharmacels Universal Bandage Shears.

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