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    CO-STICK® Tape
  Co-Stick Tape Pharmacels

It is an elastic cohesive (self-adhesive) tape. It does not adhere to skin or hair. It sticks to itself securely, so no clips or fasteners are needed. The cotton material is breathable and absorbing, allowing to create very comfortable bandages. The tape unwinds easily and can be torn by hand.

Co-Stick® tape has many uses both in sports and medicine. As a pretaping wrap it is a good alternative to UnderWrap. It can be used as an elastic sports tape to support joints or muscles. It is very convenient to use as a compression bandage to help stop bleeding, or as a fixing tape to secure dressing.

Co-Stick Tape Pharmacels
REF # 15122 15123
Color white
Width (in) 2" 3"
Length (yd) 5
Rolls/case 24 16
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