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    Cold-Hot Therapy
  Cold and Heat Therapy is one of the most affordable and universal treatment systems. Cold and Heat Therapy as a method of injury treatment is frequently used by professional athletes and doctors in Sports Medicine. It is well-known and widely used by physiotherapists all over the world. For example, the well-known RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) method of first aid for injuries is used worldwide.

Pharmacels FROSTFORCE™ Coolant Spray

FROSTFORCE™ Coolant Spray. REF# 30106-30107.
A non-medicated topical coolant spray. It helps relieve pain and reduce swelling. The cooling agent evaporates from the skin surface fast and effectively cools the area. It can be used for a fast relief of pain and swelling caused by minor injuries (bruises, strains, sprains, etc.). Ideal as a first aid treatment. Learn more >>

Pharmacels Reusable Cold-Hot Pack

Reusable Cold-Hot Pack. REF# 30111-30112.
The Cold-Hot Pack can be used for cold or hot therapy treatment to relieve pain, reduce swelling, and enhance healing. Cool it in a freezer or heat it up in a microwave oven, or in hot water to have the pack ready to work and enjoy a dry compress with a long-lasting effect. Learn more >>

Pharmacels Ice-Hot Bag

Ice-Hot Bag. REF# 30101-30103.
It may be used with ice cubes, ice chips, cold, or hot water. Good for multiple usage. Learn more >>

Pharmacels Disposable Plastic Ice Bags

Disposable Plastic Ice Bags. REF# 32120.
The disposable Plastic Ice Bags are leak-proof and made of durable material with durable seams that exclude leakage or spilling. Can be used as a cold compress to relieve pain and reduce swelling after injuries or surgeries. Learn more >>

Pharmacels Quick Wrap

Quick Wrap. REF# 30104-30105.
It is an economical stretch film wrap that is easy to use for fixing of cold or hot packs and compresses in place. It contains no glue, however, due to its physical characteristics, sticks to the skin well precluding any uncomfortable feelings both when applied and when being removed. Hypoallergenic. Learn more >>

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