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      Dressings & Bandages
Hydrogel dressing, Medical Hydrogel Dressing Pharmacels

Medical Hydrogel Dressing. REF# 73514, 73516.
Translucent flexible gel dressing with excellent absorbability. Helps absorb excessive wound exudates, maintain moist healing environment, expedite epithelialization as well as reduce healing time. Learn more >>

Pharmacels Co-Stick - Versatile Cohesive Elastic Bandage

CO-STICK® - Versatile Cohesive Elastic Bandage. REF# 15522, 15523.
Elastic cohesive (self-adhesive) tape. It does not adhere to skin or hair assuring painless removal. It is ideal to use as a blood stop bandage. Learn more >>

Pharmacels Stadius - Versatile Elastic Adhesive Bandage

STADIUS™ - Versatile Elastic Adhesive Bandage. REF# 23555, 23557.
It is an all-purpose cotton elastic adhesive bandage. Great for wound dressing attachment, or compress fixation, as well as for joint protection. Learn more >>

Pharmacels - Pro-Lastic - Light Elastic Adhesive Bandage

PRO-LASTIC - Light Elastic Adhesive Bandage. REF# 12574-12576.
A lightweight breathable tape that can be easily torn by hand. Perfect for wound dressings attachment. Learn more >>

Pharmacels - STRETCH PRO - Cotton Stretch Adhesive Bandage

STRETCH PRO - Cotton Stretch Adhesive Bandage. REF# 13526-13528.
Durable and strong elastic bandage made of heavyweight stretchy 100% cotton material with latex-free adhesive. Ideal for compression bandages during rehabilitation after injuries, and for soft tissue and joints support. Learn more >>

Pharmacels - Stretch - Cotton Elastic Adhesive Bandage

STRETCH - Cotton Elastic Adhesive Bandage. REF# 15511-15512.
Very soft but durable adhesive stretchy bandage made of 100% cotton. Ideal for soft tissue support and compression, for joints strapping and fixation to enhance healing after injury. Learn more >>



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