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   Elbow Wrap  
Pharmacels Elbow Wrap
REF #  50402
Color beige
Size One size
Packing 1/box

Elastic stretchable bandage is designed to be suitable for elbow wrapping with the length that fits all sized elbows. The wrap is made of strong material with hook and loop feature for easy and secure fastening. Soft elastic breathable material provides conforming wrap and helps to adjust controlled compression. Besides that, the fabric maintains elasticity and nice appearance for a long time. 100% cotton backside of the wrap makes it comfortable to the skin. The product is reusable, comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Size: 3" x 2 ft (7.6 cm x 60 cm).
Pharmacels Elbow Wrap

  • Helps to provide mild support and compression for a weak or injured joint.
  • Helps to stabilize the joint, relieve pain, and prevent injuries.
  • Can be used to attach a compress, splint a fracture, etc.


  1. Place the loop around the elbow to provide easy and secure fastening.
  2. Wrap the bandage around the elbow with desired tension and secure it with hooks tape.

 Caution: Don’t wrap too tight to avoid blood circulation cut off. This product contains natural  rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. If rash appears or pain remains, stop using  the product and consult a doctor.

 Care: Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.  Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

 Contents: Cotton 45%; Nylon 35%; Latex 20%.

Pharmacels Elbow Wrap
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