Medical products
  Pharmacels medical products find their application in those fields of human activities where help, care, and concern are needed. Strict quality control at every stage of production process, employment of high-quality and high-technology materials, permanent work on new products development - are the basic principles of Pharmacels operation.
 Dressings & Bandages   Dressing Instruments  First Aid  Physiotherapy
Hydrogel Dressing
Co-Stick - Cohesive
Elastic Bandage

Stadius - Versatile
Adhesive Bandage

Pro-Lastic - Light Elastic
Adhesive Bandage

Actiforce - Cotton Elastic
Adhesive Bandage

Stretch - Cotton Elastic
Adhesive Bandage

Coolant Spray

Co-Stick - blood spill

Nasal Plugs
vascular & lymphatic
therapy systems


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