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Pharmacels Bandage Scissors (Lister)
Pharmacels Bandage Scissors (Lister)
Bandage Scissors (Lister). Professional high-quality medical scissors for cutting/removing bandages. Made of stainless steel. Supplied in two sizes. In larger scissors (#83094) a double size ring for middle and ring fingers provides unsurpassed comfort and accuracy in operation. The smaller scissors (#83095) are especially convenient for more precise cutting and for people with smaller hands. A proprietary precision sharpening technology and high-quality stainless steel ensure long life of the blades of the bandage scissors.
Warranty: one year

83094    8"    (20 cm)
            Blades length: 1 ¾" (45 mm)

83095    7"    (18 cm)
            Blades length: 1 ½" (40 mm)

Pharmacels Medical Scissors (Bergman) Medical Scissors (Bergman). Straight medical scissors with tilted balance. The blades are longer than the handle. The longer blades allow easy cutting of wide bandages and other wound managing materials. High quality surgical stainless steel guarantees durability and prolonged life of the scissors.

83093    8"    (20 cm)
            Blades length: 2 ½" (65 mm)

Pharmacels Dressing Scissors (Smith) Dressing Scissors (Smith). Straight scissors with special construction of the blades for perfect work with dressing material. A double ring for enhanced accuracy and comfort. Made of high-quality surgical stainless steel for long-term and reliable usage.

83096    8"    (20 cm)
            Blades length: 3 ¼" (83 mm)

Pharmacels Universal Bandage Shears Universal Bandage Shears. Universal Bandage Shears are a special type of scissors designed especially for Kinesio tape cutting. They have handy plastic handles and blunt tip with thin flat side part. So these scissors are good for both tape and finished bandage cutting. We recommend these scissors for KINETICLINE tape. However, they are a useful instrument for any kind of tape and other things cutting.

83091    7"    (18 cm)
            Blades length: 1 ¾" (45 mm)

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