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Therapy Systems

         Pharmacels 1000 PLUS
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         Pharmacels 3000 PLUS
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     Pharmacels 3000
   Pharmacels 3000
Easy-to-use compressive limb therapy system Pharmacels 3000 allows effective cosmetic and medical procedures to be performed at home instead of visiting a beauty salon or medical clinic. The system is easy to operate: just put on special cuffs, set up two settings - time range and pressure - and the system is ready to use. Thanks to the extended operating life term, this model is suitable for commercial usage at beauty salons, medical institutions and sports clubs.

For more information on this system and other Pharmacels models please visit our special website here
Pharmacels 3000 Pharmacels 3000
Pharmacels 3000 Pharmacels 3000

Pressure: 20-250 mm Hg (+/- 10%)
Time range: 0-30 minutes
Main tool dimensions: 41.8х22.8х31 сm
Main tool weight: 7.7 kg
Rated voltage: AC 220-240V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: 25 W
Rated current: 0.2 А
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