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Pharmacels - Euroline Extra Tape Company news.

To expand the series of extra tacky athletic tapes Pharmacels is happy to announce that EUROLINE Extra Tape is now available in red! Extra durable dye doesn't bleed and doesn't leave stains on the body or clothes. Sticks perfectly, unwinds evenly to the end of the roll. Available in packs of 1, 6 and 32 rolls. here.

Pharmacels - Euroline Extra Tape New product in Pharmacels sports tapes range - extra tacky, extra durable EUROLINE EXTRA Tape.

The main feature of the new tape is extreme tackiness. It adheres strongly and stays put. This tape has poly cotton backcloth: the material is very rigid, durable and high tensile; in the same time the the tape can be torn by hand. For more information please go to the product's page here.

Pharmacels - Co-Stick Tape Pharmacels presents a new product – cohesive elastic sports tape CO-STICK® tape.

After continuous research, we have developed a great product that meets a wide range of demands people have in tape. Co-Stick® tape adheres only to itself, absorbs moisture well, is breathable, hand-tearable and has good elasticity. It is useful in sports – as an alternative to adhesive elastic tape, as pretaping wrap; in medicine – as a compression bandage to stop bleeding, and has many other applications. You can find more information about it here.

Pharmacels  8120 Pharmacels announces a new model of compressive limb therapy and lymphatic drainage system - Pharmacels 8120.

Pharmacels 8120 is the most recent development among compressive limb therapy systems. The new model has the following improvements:
• LCD display;
• 12 sectional cuffs and pad;
• possibility to set different pressure in each cuff/pad section;
• various operating modes.
The new functions provide precise massage and suitable pressure in each cuff/pad section. The model is recommended for professional medical use besides its effective functioning in cosmetology procedures. It will soon be available, follow our news!
Pharmacels FIMBA

Pharmacels LLC and FIMBA reached partnership relationship.

Pharmacels LLC aims to make high-quality products for sports medicine available worldwide. Maxibasketball is rapidly developing around the world thanks to FIMBA efforts. Pharmacels and FIMBA came to an arrangement on a long-term partnership. Pharmacels LLC welcomes FIMBA and all Maxibasketball players in the world, and is sincerely proud of this partnership.
Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace Pro Pharmacels

Pharmacels announces release of a new model of knee brace – Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace Pro.

The new model provides perfect conformity and easy application due to four opposing back and front straps that keep the brace in place. Soft neoprene for comfortable stabilizing compression and therapeutic warmth. Supportive steel springs stabilize and protect the knee joint; and the ergonomic buttress aids to kneecap stabilization and protection. The new model is effective in case of unstable knee joint, irritated kneecap, knee arthritis, after patella tendon strains, for injuries prevention.

Elastic Wrap Pharmacels

The new multi-purpose orthopedic product in Pharmacels range – Elastic Wrap.

Pharmacels launches a line of elastic wraps for different parts of the body. The wraps are designed to be suitable for fixation of four main joints - wrist, elbow, knee and ankle. But besides this function, the wraps can be easily applied to other body parts, and have many other applications: attachment of compresses, compression bandages, etc. The special fabric used for elastic wraps is characterized by long-term elasticity, softness, comfort, and breathability.

3000 Plus Pharmacels Pharmacels announces release of a new model of compressive limb therapy and lymphatic drainage system - Pharmacels 3000 Plus.

Pharmacels 3000 Plus is a new stage of Pharmacels 3000 development. The new model offers broader opportunities of pressure therapy and lymphatic drainage. The improvements are:
• LCD display;
• five operating modes;
• modified front panel control system.
Besides these new functions, the main enhancement of Pharmacels 3000 Plus is the possibility to conduct procedures on two body parts or two people simultaneously.


KINETICLINE tape Pharmacels Two years of research and testing have resulted in creation of a magnificent high-class product - KINETICLINE tape.

KINETICLINE tape is an elastic tape made of cotton. Its elastic qualities are close to normal human skin elasticity, so it does not restrict body movements. Thanks to its fabric structure that is pervious to air and moisture, the tape is breathable and comfortable to wear for several days. The adhesive layer is applied in a pattern that is typical for kinesiology tapes. The glue is another big achievement. Its new formula produced great results during tests : it did not peel in water, held up the tape in place well providing its functioning, did not cause allergic reactions. KINETICLINE tape is comfortably packed and provided with intelligible instructions. Now it is available!


1000Premium Pharmacels Pharmacels announces release of a new model of compressive limb therapy and lymphatic drainage system - Pharmacels 1000 Premium.

The new system is a result of modernization of the popular model Pharmacels 1000Plus. The new model has an LCD display, five operating modes, and a modified front panel control system. Thanks to these modifications and upgrades Pharmacels 1000Premium provides broader opportunities in Cosmetology procedures - pressure therapy and lymphatic drainage. Please find a detailed description and pictures of the new Pharmacels 1000Premuim here. It will be available approximately in fall 2011.
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